TypeDescriptionOptimsed & DensityPrice #Qty Price
Article550 to 650 words A4YES 3% *£18£15
Block400 to 450 wordsYES 3% *£15£12
DescriptionParagraphsWord 4pWord 3p
HomeSales Home PageYES 3% *£50N/A
Meta TagsTitle / Keyword / Description£3£2

# Up to 10 pages. Qty Price 11-49 Pages.

There are various types of web page content

  • Article
  • Content Block
  • Description
  • Home Page


These are full pages of content never less than 550 words and would fill an A4 page

Content Blocks

These are short, more dense 'blocks' of content, used more for improving keyword density of a site and never less than 400 words and not more than 450


These might be product descriptions which could consist of only one or more paragraphs. These are normally priced by word count unless otherwise agreed.

Home Page

The home page is your primary page to sell your proposition when your prospective client visits your site and generally must be more 'salesy' with succinct statements that explains your service instantly and a 'call to action' to ensure they find your product or service engaging and of interest. You only have 10 seconds to impress before they click away to your competitor.

Meta Tags

The Meta Tags are the Title / Description and list of comma separated keywords that encompass your page and tells Google what the page is about and placed within the code. Whilst they are not as important as they used to be it is in our opinion still good housekeeping to include them on primary pages such as the home and top level category pages for what little it costs.

Types of Content Prices

*We ensure that key word density never exceeds 3% to comply with Google guidelines
Prices for content orders 50+ please enquire for a negotiated rate
Prices are not subject to VAT so the price you see is the price you pay.

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