Our Content Writing Services

We provide a comprehensive range of content copywriting services:

  • General Web Content
  • Home Pages
  • Articles
  • Optimsed Content Blocks
  • Descriptions
  • Product Reviews
  • Case Studies
  • Press Releases
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

General Web Content

If you are creating a website you will need a raft of content written for all your pages, this will be required by your web designer / developers as it is your responsibility to create it.

Invariably, you or your company, probably do not have the time or resources to comply with this request and this will hold up the launch of your website.

We Can Help

We can from a brief supplied and information commission one or more of our writers to carry out the research and or build around your information supplied to produce the pages of content required to enable your website to go live much sooner than if you left it to the last minute.

Home Page

Your home page is probably the most important page as it is the first thing your prospective customers see. The design and content must be alluring and eyecatching and grab the attention of the reader so that they want to know more.

Your home page must be engaging, informative and delivers the right messages quickly.

Generally the home page is more 'salesy' containing short succinct statements / headlines that clearly explains your service instantly and contains a 'call to action' to ensure they find your product or service of interest and make contact either by phone or email.

A Good home page tip is to ensure your visitors are only 3 clicks away from the product.


You only have around 8 seconds to impress your visitor before they click away to your competitor and never to return, first impressions really do count with a website.


Articles are the life force of your website like the blood flowing your veins article pages provide the nutrients and cells of information that is vital for your prospective customers and visitors to engage with and interact.

Like blood cells that are continually being regenerated so must you create a steady stream of fresh content to feed your website nutrients and fresh blood.

Google loves to see new content being added to a site as it shows you are keeping it fresh and updated and gives Google the opportunity to crawl your site more often and index more pages.

You want your website to appear to be an information resource not just a sales portal to sell. Information is the powerful communication tool you can add to your site and by adding new content on a regular basis demonstrates you intend to keep your website as fresh as possible.

A Good article tip is always build a structure of connected interlinked articles.

Content Blocks

Content blocks are shorter versions of articles normally around 400 to 450 words and placed within your site strategically and not always for human consumption but to boost your keyword density. They must be unique and well written and inter linked between other content blocks and articles on the site.

Content blocks are keyword optimised to within recommeded guidelines of 3%.

A Good content block tip is always build a structure of connected interlinked content blocks and link from the home page.


Product descriptions and descriptive sentences support products and explain's to your customers what it is you are selling and gives a descriptive explanation that Google can understand as well as your prospective customers.

Descriptions can also explain your category pages as well as the specific products.

A Good description makes a product come alive and helps Google understand what your product is as it cannot read an image.

Product Reviews

We can provide product reviews from data sheets supplied and customer user feedback and client testimonials.

Case Studies

Depending upon your business sector, Its important to document and publish case studies to demonstrate to your prospective customers how you dealt with a situation and its progress and conclusion to illustrate your ability to understand a customers set of circumstances.

Your customers speak volumes about your business service.

Press Releases

A press release should be commissioned when you have something important to announce, whether it be a new office, a new system or product that you are launching to the world or local community. We can produce a Press Release and submit it to press release agencies that will ensure its published on Google news thereby making your product news worthy story and creating brand awareness.

Terms & Conditions

One of the most important documents on your website and one of the most costly and difficult to provide will be your T's&C's. The terms and conditions are your legally binding contractual terms that binds your clients to your business and will be the words that will be used in the event of any litigation or legal case. It is imperative therefore the wording is appropriate, contractually effective in law and offers your company adequate protection from compensation and litigatory action from a client.

As this document is so important we have tied up with a law firm to ensure your T's&C's are written by a professional solicitor or lawyer depending upon your requirements and potential compensatory exposure.

We do not recommend takingcompetitors terms and conditions and amending them as this is highly dangerous and copying content which is totally against our principles. Neither do we recommend you write your own T's&C's unless ofcourse you are legally trained.

No one wants a dispute and you only find out when you end up in litigation with solicitors letters that your solicitor informs you that your terms and conditions are inadequate and you are forced to settle out of court.

Its much cheaper to invest in legally protective terms and conditions at the outset that are fair to both parties and offers your business adequeate legal protection than paying out considerable sums of money when its too late.

Legally binding Terms and Conditions will save you thousands in compensation and possibly your business survival.

Privacy Policy

Every website should carry a privacy policy no matter how brief, it shows you care about your clients and visitors and respects their rights of privacy and explains your data protection protocols. With the recent changes in 'cookie' laws you should be aware that you have a responsibilty as a interent publisher trading online you must demonstrate your compliance with peoples rights.

Meta Tags - H1

The Meta Tags are the Title / Description and list of comma seperated keywords that effectively labels your pages to inform Google spider bots what your page is about and placed in the code and not visible to the reader.

Every website still contains these meta titles and descriptions even though Google has diminished its importance some time ago due to abusive practices by unscruplous web masters we still highly recommend you include them.

It is not important you have to ask yourself why sites that are on the first page of Google still included them if they are not important.

The Meta tags can be viewed by looking at any site on the first page of Google for your industry and right click and open to view page source, this will show you the code that makes they home page work and at the top of the code you should see something like this.

[example taken from a leading fashion website www.next.co.uk]

Next Official Site: Shop for Clothes, Shoes, Electricals, Homeware & More